CA Technology 細亞科技公司

CA Technology is a trading company that offers great and healty products to our customers. Our products are offered to food industry, health industry, and medical industry.

品 名/Product
英 文/English
酵母粉 Yeast Powder
太陽膳食纖維 Sunfiber
茶胺酸 Suntheanine (L-Theanine)
膠原蛋白 PA Collagen Peptide PA
卵殼鈣 TS-1 Egg Shell Calcium Powder TS-1
助鈣吸收劑 C.C.P. C.C.P.
太陽活性輔酶 Q10-Y Sunactive Q10-Y
乳化型焦磷酸鐵 Fe-12 Sunactive Fe-12
焦磷酸鐵 Fe-P80 Sunactive Fe-P80
太陽茶多酚 90DCF(兒茶素) Sunphenon 90DCF(Catechin)
P-100 Psyllium Seed Gum P-100
冷凍雞精 Chicken Broth
藍藻粉 Spirulina powder
綠藻粉 Chlorella powder

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